Tool crashes when deleting note box

In designId=d422438ecd3d10d6, deleting the yellow box at the bottom left causes the tool to crash.

thanks for reporting.
We’ll take a look.

I have the same problem but with an arrow.

This problem occurs on things like:
Deleting nodes or wires
Moving nodes or wires
Deleting modules
Opening modules (viewing)
Updating modules
Clicking on modules
Starting to route in schematic
Starting to route in layout
Moving pours
Repouring All
Repouring individual pours
Forking designs with modules
Forking designs with no modules
Adding modules with 2 layers into 4 layers designs

I’ve experienced it all. I couldn’t even begin to write all of the ways this thing crashes.
Sorry it is happening to you, try and delete or use the undo feature to get to a stable point.
Avoid rotations, weird shapes, too many intersections, etc… even modules are buggy, though very useful.

Keep it simple and Upverter will work.