SamacSys PCB Part Library

Hello, I am new to Uploader and have some questions. I noticed that Mouser offers a free service with SamacSys PCB Parts Library that has has all the data for components that includes the footprint and Icons within thier database that will upload any component into your cad program, but I noticed that it doesn’t work with Uploader as of yet. Even though Uploader has a great component parts listing, are still issues with several parts. For example, I am trying incorporate a poweredge connector from FCI/Amphenal P/N: 10053363-200LF, but when I find it in Uploader’s parts listing, the part it’s there but is missing both the footprint and Icon. When I try to manually add it following the spec sheet it will not come out correct no matter what i do when properly populating the data fields; however, when I go to Mouser or look it up on SamacSys Parts Library everything I need is there but cannot be transferred to Uploader. So my question, does anyone know if this system is being looked at for working with Uploader or is there another system like this that does work with Uploader? Thank you for your time and take care.


Yes you probably won’t get the level of detail as a parts library that is as big as SamacSys. The parts library here at Upverter is big, yes, but not as complete, and VERY often erroneous.

I don’t know if this is being worked on, since I’m not affiliated, but my guess, given the level of support here, is no, its not being worked on, or its not a priority at the moment. This would indeed be a nice to have.

If you need the part, just build it manually using the designer. It doesn’t take very long.