Deleting a script

Having fixed up some alignment problems with labels by exporting to JSON, munging the JSON by script, and then reimporting, I’ve begun playing with the scripting system to see if I can implement the same ‘tidy up’ process as an Upverter script. (I’ve been able to make basic changes to schematics, although I haven’t yet worked out where in the hierarchy of objects the label positions sit - it’s much more obvious in the JSON.)

However, something basic I’ve noticed: I can create a new script using the + button in the scripts panel. But there’s apparently no way to delete it again, and it persists across all my projects - an apparently irreversible action on my entire account. Is there a trick to do this?

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There’s no way to remove the script at the moment. I can suggest removing the script’s content instead.

Ah, so this is a bit of a gotcha as clicking the ‘add script’ button irreversibly clutters a user’s account in a way they can never fix without deleting the entire account and recreating it.

Is there a js function for deleting a script which I can call, that isn’t brought out to a button in the existing interface, or does even that underlying infrastructure not exist yet?

7 months later and still no way to delete a script?